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editor who has a particular page on his or her watchlist. Rogue admin Accusatory term for a Wikipedia administrator, suggesting that the accused person systematically abuses their administrative access. If that single purpose is disruptive (e.g., vote stacking, or attacking some user) the account tends to be indefinitely blocked. Skin The appearance theme in Special:Preferences. Generally mentioned to request for calm. Some may consider this term in bad taste or hyperbolic. Wikipedia used this software before January 25, 2002. Later showball keep came into the usage in AfD pages, by an analogy.

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Has the advantage over books, paid websites, and websites that need registration of easy accessibility. When a user "gets the admin bit" they have geile video chat erotische massage heilbronn just become an administrator. Shortcut A redirect used within Wikispace to enable editors to get to a project page more quickly. Also the name of a specific template, tl, which provides a template link,.e., links a page to a template without allowing the template's code to operate on that page. For other useful directories and indexes, see, wikipedia:Directory. Thread A talk page discussion, usually with more than 2 indented replies. Giffee Same as GFE, definition. Inclusionist A user who is of the opinion that Wikipedia should contain as much information as possible, often regardless of presentation or notability. See also m:deletionism, m:inclusionism, and Deletionism and inclusionism in Wikipedia. This often includes standardizing the content and style of the articles using an agreed upon standard format. geile video chat erotische massage heilbronn

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    This is a glossary. For abbreviations often used.

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